Emma Marguerite Lynch Design | Hurst Green Creative Community
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About This Project

Collaborative designer for the Hurst Green Creative Community under project coordinator Christine Harwood.

This project involves assisting in the organising of workshops for the community of Hurst Green and learning creative skills from professionals and sharing these learnt skills with others in the community. The goal of each shared skill is for the community to create a collaborative outcome, such as a piece of public art. We are also moving towards re-designing the community garden space.


Mosaic collaborative designer under Oliver Budd, a core group of collaborators made a mosaic square each followed by residents of Hurst Green creating drawings inspired by the local environment. Oliver then combined the drawings and some of the panels into an overall design for a four meter wall panel to be displayed permanently upon the side of the community centre in Hurst Green. The core group then attended eight sessions where local residents could attend and learn how to create mosaics and participate in the creation of the larger panel. Some residents did large areas whist some simply placed one or two pieces, the idea being that everyone could say they were a part of the finished outcome.

Bug Making Workshop. On the day that the final mosaic panel was unveiled events were run in the community centre and I ran a bug making workshop for children (and some adults!). The bugs were made out of spoons, pipe cleaners, wool, plastic bags, boggle eyes and plastic gems.