Emma Marguerite Lynch Design | The Legend Of White Bear Lake
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About This Project

Set and costume design and make on The Legend Of White Bear Lake, a new musical by Caroline Wigmore and Jen Green for Youth Music Theatre UK at the Barbican Theatre Plymouth.


Directed by Gemma Fairlie

Choreography by Katy Ayling

Stage Manager and Assistant Props and Costume maker Beatrice Wallbank

Puppets and dreamcatchers made in collaboration with scenic artist Nina Raines and Lois Raines.

Photography by Gemma Ward


“The Legend of White Bear Lake is a haunting new musical based on a Native American tale from Minnesota.

Two young teenagers from rival tribes fall in love and must fight to keep their relationship a secret – rowing to the middle of the lake each night to be together. On one bitter winter night, the two meet but the lake freezes over and a mysterious fog gathers stretching for miles. Suddenly a huge white bear appears, an animal regarded as sacred by both tribes, and viciously attacks the young lovers. Their battle attracts the attention of the feuding tribes who suddenly find themselves forced to decide the fate of our heroes.

Dark and atmospheric, The Legend of White Bear Lake draws inspiration from traditional Native American musical styles, combining breathtaking movement with on-stage instrumentation to bring the legend to life.”